D’avino Dumper

12 Tons – Best all rounder  

Swivel Dumper - TW120

 12 Ton swivel skip dumper with Dual View and 4 wheel steering 

D12 Dump Truck

The rigid chassis coupled with the 4 wheel steering is unique.

About D'avino

The  D’avino company  are building Site Dumpers and Dump Trucks for over 65 years. It’s a family run business in its 3rd generation. Their concept is simple, build a strong, stable and versatile dumper with the best possible viewing position for the driver.  

Davino Dumper close up

Steering Controls

The 12 ton models can manoeuvre around site as easy as a 6 ton. Thanks to the 4 wheel steering on a rigid chassis the driver has 3 options to get in or out of a tight spot. 

Engine and Drivetrain

The 12 ton  D’avino models are powered by a 90kw Deutz engine with a Sauer Danfoss Hydrostatic drive system. The closed system ensures precise control especially in inching movements.  With a maximum speed of 35km/h and oversized hydraulic cooling system, the operator is assured of comfort and reliability in the working day.

Davino Dumper at full tilt


The 4-wheel steering system avoids the traditional articulated chassis commonly found in dumpers in this range. The Rigid chassis combined with a cleaver Auto Axle lock system ensures maximum stability whilst tipping the load on the swivel model. The straight tip model has additional stability from the traditional design because the front-end weight acts as effective ballast allowing better stability when tipping loads on off level terrain.