Swivel Dumper - TW120

4 wheel steer dumper

Dual View

The dual view concept is nothing new to D’avino. Their concept was initially designed by them out of necessity for their onsite cement mixers in the 1950’s.

Decades of experience and manufacturing has resulted in a wide spacious cab with dual view as standard.  The simple concept of facing the direction that you need to drive in is solved by a rotating turret in the cab using the steering wheel. When you want to turn the seat around it’s as simple as releasing the manual safety lock with your foot, pressing the magic console button that hydraulically turns the seat and driver controls using the steering wheel. All of this can be done effortlessly without the driver having to open the door or take feet off the pedal area and pull themselves around manually.

This procedure is so easy and effortless that the driver will always opt to operate the dumper in a position that gives the best view. This minimises safety issues and ensures the load is dumped in the exact place with ease.

Tipping Control

The swivel skip has a telescopic ram that ensures speed and strength for tipping a load with a second cylinder to assist in lowering or rattling the skip to get the sticky bits out. This clever design is unique to D’avino. The single action joystick control ensures you have one hand free for concentrating on the steering while tipping the load. 

TW120 Brochure