Rated Capacity Indicators

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SensorSafe for Construction

The SensorSafe range, powered by GKD Technologies, have been created for the construction industry to meet the increasing compliance requirements for human and machine safety and protection. These highly flexible systems are suitable for installation to a wide variety of equipment, including tracked or wheeled excavators.

The GKD SensorSafe range comprises three types of capability SensorLoad, SensorHeight and SensorSlew. These systems electronically monitor and optionally control, the load, height, reach and slew of booms, masts or buckets.  SensorLoad, SensorHeight and SensorSlew capabilities are available individually or in combinations within different products in the SensorSafe range

Atlas with GKD
2 Atlas machines at work on rail line

SensorSafe for Rail

GKD is the leading supplier of envelope and load control systems for Road Rail Vehicles (RRV’s) in Ireland. The 3RCi+ and 3RCi+ with SpaceGuard are specifically developed SensorSafe systems for the rail industry, meeting all the requirements for overnight working, working under overhead cables and adjacent line operation where required.

The newest versions of the 3RCi+ and the 3RCi+ with SpaceGuard, utilise the latest sensor technology and state of the art displays to reduce installation time, increase reliability, durability and ruggedness as well as optimising operator information and interface. 

SensorZone - Proximity Warning System

SensorZone is an audible and visual proximity warning system designed to reduce the risk of vehicle-personnel collisions. An antenna creates a detection zone around a vehicle, machine or restricted area. When the zone is breached by personnel wearing a SensorZone tag the machine operator and personnel are alerted so they can take the appropriate action. 

When the zone is breached, an external beacon will commence flashing together with a loud alarm to alert personnel that the zone has been breached. The person who has breached the zone also receives an alert by means of their vibrating tag. The SensorZone system can be customised for a wide variety of operating environments including construction sites, waste management sites, quarries and distribution centres.